Betty asks…

Help me with my belly fat?

I’ve started getting a little belly fat and i don’t know why. I haven’t started eating more, and my snacks are usually healthyish, except other day. I don’t snack at night and don’t see any reason for gaining belly fat. I don’t like red meat too much like porkchops, anything which hamburger meat in it, and anything from a pig (except bacon… yummy!) so its not fats from meats. I like chicken, turkey, catfish, salmon, and tuna but that’s pretty much it. Please help me I really don’t wanna be fat, and I’ve always been able to eat pretty much whatever I want without gaining weight. More exercise isnt possible for me since I spend most of my time moving, I’m not a still person. And if i was just growing then I wouldn’t be getting fat. And i don’t need to change my diet cause I already eat pretty healthy and there isn’t many veggies I don’t like. And i don’t want to order any videos on how to lose weight. Its not much belly fat but I still don’t like it (and it didnt even make me chubby but I want to get rid of it now just in case)
Here’s what I’m looking for:
1. – exercises that get rid of belly fat
2. – why I gained weight in the first place
3. – any way to get rid of it

Roger theRecipeMaster answers:

I have the same problem! You might be bloated, or might just be gaining weight then your about to get taller and it will even out. Some excercises are sit ups, lemon squeesers, and planks. Try to do 30 of the sit ups and lemon squeesers and a plank for 1 minute, do this each day and it should help. Hope i helped !

Nancy asks…

Me going vegetarian?!?

I can easily go vegetarian. Already I can eat barely any meat. I just don’t like it. It makes me sick to my stomach. I used to could deal with steak well but I can’t eat it because its covered in so much fat that if I try to cut it all off there’s nothing but maybe a piece of meat left. I hate. Chicken just altogether. Hamburger meat is starting to get on my nerves. And today I saw a video that has probably ruined my appetite for meat alltogether. I live with my mom and she’s always so worried about me going anorexic. Just because I say I want to exercise more. When I really don’t exercise in the first place. She’s constantly asking me about it. I’m NOT aneroxic I will just say that.
Another thing is that we always eat the same dinner and we eat it together. I don’t want this to have to change her food diet also.

So now with all of the background information how can I get her to be ok with it without me having to argue with her about it. Any good facts that I can bring up to her? I also don’t want her to change her diet just because I changed mine. How can we deal with this? She makes our meals and never makes 2 completly different things. Please help!!

Roger theRecipeMaster answers:

I don’t think that with your mom, that you can go totally vegetarian. But there are things that you can do to get rid of fat. For example, you can get rid of the fat from the steak by getting grass fed steak. Also you can make your own breakfast and lunch. That way you can put in what you want. Venison (deer meat) is also another meat that has no fat at all. I would strongly suggest talking to your mom and asking what she is okay with and what she would rather not do. Know that she is trying to help you and for your good. If it really is getting on your nerves, calmly go to her and say that it really isn’t helping and maybe you can promise that you aren’t going to go anorexic. She doesn’t know that it’s bugging you, so that’s why you need to open it to her. I hope this helps, if not then i’m sorry

Steven asks…

why do you think most americans are overweight?

cindy in texas is insane that americans are overweight because of to much carbs, from fruit and vegtables and whole grains, and thinks that are enidless hot dog orderings, hamburgers, fatty meats, ice cream, other fattening has nothing to do with it, its all about sugar or carbs, and fat is not linked to being fat, no matter how much you have, say shes an a idiot in your answer if you think shes an idiot

Roger theRecipeMaster answers:

McDonalds is a common place for all meals.
No exercise, TV is more important.
Dieting is too hard.
Not knowing how to really diet.
Binge eating.
Eating while watching TV.
Junk Food.
Not being taught how to exercise as a child.
Fried Chicken.

& I have no idea who Cindy in Texas is. :)

John asks…

How to switch to only white meat without imposing on my family, friends, etc.?

Ever since I was little, I wasn’t much of a red meat fan (steak, pork, etc.) but my dad was and still is in love with it; so I sacrificed and just ate a little bit. Now, though for a couple of weeks I have been only eating white meat (chicken, turkey, etc.), and I have been LOVING it! Recently though, in the past week I had steak. This is how it was: I was at my really good friends house, and they wanted to have a type of “BBQ”. So we had corn, beans, soda, and much more. Then it came time for the big fat hunk of steak. When her dad served it to me, it was quite red. (I have to always have any type of meat well done!) Since I hate both all red meat and it has to be very well-done, I was just about to gag! :P I ate some of the very well done parts, but it was absolutely disgusting to me. And it certainly didn’t help that my friend kept commenting on how good the steak was. What should I do? I also have on this upcoming decathlon session at my school on Monday, at which they are serving In n’ Out burgers. I don’t want to impose and say I’m not much of a beef fan: #1: I don’t want to be rude for their hospitality. #2: I don’t want to draw a lot of attention to myself (I’m kind of shy), by everybody saying, “You don’t like hamburgers?!” But, I just can’t bring myself to eat any type of red meat again! :(

I would be thankful for any suggestions you have! Please leave out the sarcastic remarks though. Thanks!

Roger theRecipeMaster answers:

>It is perfectly fine to tell someone “in authority” (like a teacher or whomever) that you do not want to eat red meat of any kind. It is not impolite to do this, even if you are at a dinner table. I understand your concern about not offending anyone or creating a ruckus, but the fact is, you have a plain right to eat what you want to and to avoid what you don’t…and its not impolite to let others know this, as long as you don’t raise your voice or become militant about it. Just say it in a normal tone of voice, “I prefer not to eat red meat.” Let it go at that. And if anyone asks you why, you don’t have to explain yourself to them.

George asks…

23 year old male, 4 percent body fat?

I’m about 5’11, 145-150 pounds and built like Bruce Lee (not bulky, just toned). I had my body fat tested a couple times recently by mechanical and electronic means, and both devices said that I was only 4 percent body fat. I’ve actually been the same weight and had the same body type regardless of how much I ate or how little or how much I worked out. Nothing ever changes except when I reduce my caloric intake. Just to maintain my weight, it seems I need about twice the number of calories as the average person, and I eat 3 big meals and 3 smaller meals each day. Many of these meals contain meat, and a good amount of fat. I’ll eat pizza, hamburgers, and ice cream just as I’ll eat vegetables, greens, and fish.

My question is, will my low body fat percentage (and consequently the amount of food I need to take in) carry any negative effects down the road, or can I be healthy with this little fat?

Roger theRecipeMaster answers:

Muscle burns about 50 times as much calories as fat. Since you are lean (literally) your body naturally burns off the carbs and fat(since you work out). You are actually lower then suggested bf% (5-10%) There won’t be any short term term damages.
A certain amount of fat is essential to bodily functions. Fat regulates body temperature, cushions and insulates organs and tissues and is the main form of the body’s energy storage.
Hope it helped =)

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